Alcatraz Emerging From the Fog

Alcatraz in the Fog

My family and I spent four days in San Francisco at the beginning of December to witness my Uncle’s memorial inscription on the Circle of […]

O.S.A Lake, Killarney

O.S.A. Lake, Killarney

My wife and I spent a late September weekend camping in the interior of Killarney Provincial Park and managed to brave the cold nights in […]

Hard at Work

A Bumble Bee Hard at Work

This is a blast from the past that stumbled across today while I was digging through my archives looking for a specific photo. I can […]

Foggy Day on the Lake

Foggy Day on the Lake

I was out for my daily walk with Charles along the lakeshore today and it was such a dark and dreary day that I ran […]

Collection of Toronto Architecture

Forging Fires

All of these images are reposts ranging from several walkabouts scattered over the last few years. I recently received a request from a PR representative […]

A Look at the Little Things


After a relaxing day reading on the dock, I picked up my camera after dinner and took a walk around the cottage with Charles. He’s […]

Just Hangin’ Out


I was at the cottage just getting ready to start the¬†barbecue¬†for dinner when my wife noticed this guy clinging to the side of the deck. […]

The Old Cabin

The Old Cabin

A view of an old cabin sitting so isolated on three small rock islands on Rabbit Lake, Temagami. I snapped this shot while skimming by […]

The Shack

The Shack

  I was in Mexico at the end of April for one of my best friend’s wedding. One day before the wedding we took the […]

Calm Before the Storm

Calm Before the Storm

The calm before what was to become a 12-hour thunderstorm a friend and I weathered in a tent on Rabbit Lake, Temagami.