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A Look at the Little Things

After a relaxing day reading on the dock, I picked up my camera after dinner and took a walk around the cottage with Charles. He’s four years old now and finally patient enough to just lay down and take a break when I stop to take photos on our way. Anyone who’s enjoyed walks with a dog and camera will likely understand that taking photos with a young dog around can often be a difficult task. When you bend down to snap a photo, they’re right there in your face looking for attention or getting excited that you’re bending down to their level.








I could post a lot more photos from this series, but this few really cover the group pretty well. It was one of those mid-summer evenings with the sun just beginning to touch the horizon and a beautiful time to shoot.

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  1. Posted 18 Sep ’11 at 5:52 pm | Permalink

    Wonderful shot a a great collection in your blog!

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