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Alcatraz in the Fog

Alcatraz Emerging From the Fog

My family and I spent four days in San Francisco at the beginning of December to witness my Uncle’s memorial inscription on the Circle of Friends in Golden Gate Park. While we were there we had three days to travel around the city and take […]

Forging Fires

Collection of Toronto Architecture

All of these images are reposts ranging from several walkabouts scattered over the last few years. I recently received a request from a PR representative on behalf of a Toronto-based architectural firm in conjunction with the Toronto Society of Architects to submit some of my […]

Calm Before the Storm

Calm Before the Storm

The calm before what was to become a 12-hour thunderstorm a friend and I weathered in a tent on Rabbit Lake, Temagami.

Canoeing on Little Misty Lake

Winter on “Little Misty”

This is a repost from three years ago. However, now that I’ve revisited my entire approach with how I wil use One Thousand Words I wanted to revisit it as this particular trip was a a truly meaningful experience that is still resonating with me today. In […]