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A Bumble Bee Hard at Work

Hard at Work

This is a blast from the past that stumbled across today while I was digging through my archives looking for a specific photo. I can still remember taking this shot very vividly as it was as if the bee were actually waiting for me to […]


A Look at the Little Things

After a relaxing day reading on the dock, I picked up my camera after dinner and took a walk around the cottage with Charles. He’s four years old now and finally patient enough to just lay down and take a break when I stop to […]


Just Hangin’ Out

I was at the cottage just getting ready to start the¬†barbecue¬†for dinner when my wife noticed this guy clinging to the side of the deck. He ended up hanging around for quite a while and over the course of our dinner he had changed his […]



A piece of the original dam on Rabbit Lake, Temagami that was cast aside to decay when the new dam was built in its place.